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SharePoint Services

Xencia Migration Services

Technology Migration is a constant need for Enterprises pushing to leverage the IT innovations, to gain efficiency and optimize costs. We are focused on Technology Migration and has established a proven MigrateAidTM Process Framework for successful Transition.

  • Application Technology Migration (Notes to SharePoint, Client to Web)
  • Content Management Tools Migration
  • Email Migration (Notes to Exchange, Exchange to Notes, BPOS, LotusLive etc.)

SharePoint Migration

SharePoint has quickly gained popularity that allows leveraging the common collaboration needs and knowledge repository for organizations. As a business executive you may be aware that SharePoint, capable of delivering considerable and rapid business value, can just as quickly end up off-track producing a disaster.

SharePoint is in its fourth major release since its 2003 emergence as WSS. SharePoint 2010 has improved workflow design, improved social computing, and enhanced BI capabilities. Search, document sets, data integration, case analytics, audit trails, and transparency features have also improved.

This demands the need for organizations using older versions of SharePoint or other collaboration platforms such as Lotus Notes to migrate to SharePoint 2010.

With the vast experience in migrations, we will help your organization move to better version with the appropriate method that would best suit. We not only help you in application migration that includes data as well as the functionalities but help you with the transformation process that is more complex than the migration itself.

Our common migration platforms are described below:

SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010

Though the platforms have lot in common, migrating from 2007 to 2010 is not a simple task. It requires a checklist of points to be verified before deciding the approach. Basic out-of-the-box SharePoint 2007 allows customization such as SharePoint Designer workflows and InfoPath customization that are in-compatible with SharePoint 2010 and need the solutions re-created. The task gets complicated if you have custom solutions within your existing farm. The efficient approach that minimizes the application and server down-time will be suggested by our experts with alternatives and help you migrate with peace of mind.

Lotus Notes to SharePoint

IBM Lotus Notes applications, though predominantly are workflow based, are not usually limited in their functionalities compared to SharePoint. With our core team having vast experience with Lotus Notes as well, we know the extent to which even a simplest Lotus Notes applications can be customized that will challenge its migration to SharePoint. Having migrated more than 3000 standard application, 200 workflow applications and 600 custom applications, we not only give you the right solution but help you give the best equivalent workaround solution that fits with SharePoint with minimal compromise on end-user experience change over. Our experts know the best of both platforms to leverage and advice and follow the most suited solution.

QuickPlace/Quickr to SharePoint

QuickPlace/Quickr resembles SharePoint in many ways and migrating from QuickPlace/Quickr to SharePoint is not as simple as it looks, especially when you have user access control permissions customized in QuickPlace. With strong background in IBM Lotus products, we have custom code to export database ACL and help you in a complete migration of content. A folder in QuickPlace/Quickr contains records called documents that have multiple field metadata and rich text but also can include attachments. The background analysis on such Documents will allow us suggest you a List or Library in SharePoint with sub-site or folder hierarchy structuring based on the pattern.

Domino.Doc to SharePoint

SharePoint Document Libraries are easier to manage and access. We help you in migrating of Domino.Doc file migrations that includes the custom field data using content types in SharePoint. ACL migration is taken care by our in-house tools.

.NET Applications to SharePoint

With SharePoint already available in your organization, older outdated .NET applications can be migrated to SharePoint to allow exploit the default rich features provided by SharePoint in addition to enhancing the functionalities to your application. We have experience migrating .NET solution and rich content from SQL databases into SharePoint Publishing with in-house developed tools that can be tuned to serve the exact need and also save costs instead of having to pay huge payments on third party migration products.