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SharePoint Services

Xencia SharePoint Tools

Meta Data Integrator

Document Library is widely used in SharePoint to store our office document files such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel files. The document files have meta data associated to identify and group them. Such information may require to be duplicated when they are also part of the document content. This solution helps integrate the metadata into your Office document using placeholders avoiding any duplicity in information that has to be maintained. Typically, this can be helpful in a mail-merge scenario where any changes to the metadata will automatically reflect the modified content without requiring the document itself to be edited.

Tree Viewer

SharePoint is primarily composed of Lists and Libraries be it a simple list or a document library or be a content management pages library. All these containers allow storage of information as a flat collection of records. What if you wanted a hierarchical arrangement for your items within these containers? Hierarchical representation of items is useful when you have e-Book or a manual kind of reference material that can be easily navigated by end users by expanding/collapsing relevant hierarchical nodes. We have a very simple and easy to plug component that enables tree view representation for any list or library.

Signature Embedder

When you have documents that need a physical signature of your manager, the process becomes tedious and time-consuming. This tool avoids the dependency on your manager to physically sign the documents. Instead the tool uses Workflow to get manager’s approval and all approved documents will automatically include the approver’s signature in the allocated placeholder within the document. Digital signatures can be enabled optionally for additional tamper proof.

Aging Feature

Often you may come across situations wanting you to display number of overdue days for pending activities or show elapsed days for an article expiry etc in a SharePoint View. SharePoint out-of-the-box doesn’t actually support calculations based on volatile values such as current date ([Today]). We give you this simple custom field that enables you to find difference between any datetime Field and current date. This value will be dynamically updated and reflected when used in SharePoint Views.

Category RSS Feed

SharePoint gives support for RSS Feed. Suppose you had large number of items in a view that can be grouped by common field such as category, a single generic RSS Feed may not serve the purpose. This option provides fetching RSS Feed based on a group field so users can use the more appropriate and context based feed in their pages. To give a simple example, if you had a central list for news updated by department, each department home page can use their department specific feed from this central list by using this component.