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Xen2Web conversion tool web enables your Lotus Notes Client Applications with a click of the button. Once the source template is selected, Xen2Web on the fly produces web-enabled template that can be instantly accessed through all popular web browser clients. The web-enabled version delivers a rich web User Interface to access Notes Forms and Views through a portal, based on your main Outline design element.

Xen2Web scans the source template's Design elements and automatically inserts relevant Lotus Scripts, style sheets and JavaScript to deliver the application on web. The Client version's design elements will remain intact and will continue to function the same way, prior to conversion. For completing the web enablement, only the business logic and validation needs coding effort thus fast-tracking the conversion process and delivering the savings.

Web Compatibility Scanner Tool

This scanner is an additional tool that aids in the process of 100% web conversion. The scanner tool generates report of all the web non-compatible components from your selected application databases. The reports are highly user friendly that are categorized by components and database names and captures in detail up to the code level of the component that have compatibility issues. The code highlights the specific problematic functions or classes within the code to ease locating the problems quickly. The tool overall helps in gauging the volume of rework that is required after the web conversion and quickly put focus on the specific components and code that need attention. Below is a snapshot of the report from the tool where the report highlights specific functions/classes that are unsupported in web.

Key Features
  • Conversion accomplished in just two clicks.
  • Consistent and Rich Web User interface with cross browser support and intuitive to use.
  • Multi-tab support with same window navigation. Every new page opens in its own new tab.
  • Sorting and Paging features built-in for all Notes views. Allows dynamic rearrangement of View Columns as well as hide columns.
  • In-built Filter options for all views allowing for easy querying and reports.
  • Notes Client dependent controls such as Pick List, NAB Pick List, Calendar, Rich Text Area and File Upload are supported and function on Web as is with the support of powerful JavaScript libraries.
  • Auto Code Compatibility Scanner identifies unsupported client code elements eliminating time consuming effort to vet through the areas that need rework.