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Support Services

  • Web based solution enabling rapid automation of business processes designed for organizations of all sizes
  • Simple to setup and use, yet delivers powerful solution for managing workflows efficiently and empowering the users across the organization
  • Users without programming knowledge can create forms and workflow enable them in hours
  • Eliminates paperwork and increases processes transparency
  • Enables automated workflow processes within and across functions such as human resources, finance, IT and operations as well as collaboration across the ecosystem of vendors and customers

Main Interface xenstream interface
Workflow Features xenstream interface

  • Setup and deploy workflow solution in hours by merely configuring and entering data. No scripting or programming experience required
  • Ezy Approval through E-mail and BlackBerry wireless devices. Supports Approval of Requests from E-mail enabled mobile devices.
  • Provides for exhaustive workflow setup modes ranging from very simple single step approval to multi- steps, in sequential or parallel flows and rule based approval, step skips or add-ons
  • Powerful escalation and reminder features to ensure process completion within the defined SLA
  • Pre-configured service provisioning and service cancellation flows in combination with approval steps
  • Rich User Interface Portal provides for intuitive access to the various functions
  • Multilingual Support

Form Building Features
  • Form Fields creation supporting various Field Types like Text, Number, Date, Dialog List etc
  • Grid Creation for multi line entries with configurable form fields
  • Formatted Tables for Pre-built Word Templates
  • Attachment Control for allowing users to submit files
  • Design Develop your own Custom Sub-Forms using Domino Designer

  • Improve Productivity
  • Ease of Implementation and Extensibility
  • Scalability Across Your Organization
  • Improving Efficiency through workflow streamlining
  • Ease of Use
  • Reduce Processing Time and Costs