Analytics and AI services

Manage and Modernize Your Data Analytics on Cloud

There is a growing need for hyper scalability, performance, visualisation and analytics as businesses fast track their digital transformation initiatives. Data and Artificial Intelligence are at the heart of digital transformation. To exploit the power of your business data, you need to transform your data estate by modernizing your data by leveraging Azure AI services. The modern cloud databases, data analytics, data visualization and AI solutions deliver rich functionalities and scalability to aid in the business objective of digital transformation.

Legacy data estates support several business-critical functions within the enterprise application landscape, but they come with a high cost of ownership and maintenance and do not have the capabilities or performance to support digital initiatives. Legacy data and infrastructure are also primary causes for several data security breaches and cybersecurity attacks. As businesses embark on digital transformation to enhance their end customer experience, they leverage cloud solutions and Azure data analytics services to modernize their data infrastructure and implement data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Data Analytics and AI Services

Xencia’s Data Analytics and AI Services help organizations transform legacy data estates to cloud-based technologies and architecture to deliver better results and business benefits. Our Data & AI service is based on Azure Data Platform, Azure App Services, Azure SQL DB, Power BI, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory and Azure Cognitive Services and categorized as follows:

Data Modernization Services

  • SQL DB Modernisation
  • Opensource DB Modernisation
  • Cosmos DB

Data Visualization Services

  • Power BI Dashboards and Reports
  • Power BI embedded on Azure
  • Power BI Report Server

Cloud Analytics Services

  • Synapse Analytics
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Data Lake
  • Cognitive Services / ML Studio
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Cloud Data Analytics and AI Services

Our Data and AI services span the complete lifecycle of data services. Business data is captured from multiple sources based on business needs. The data can be in a structured or unstructured format. The data is then cleaned to fix inconsistencies and identify missing data inputs. The cleaned data is then visually analysed to form a hypothesis about the business problem at hand. Based on the visualization, the raw data is converted into meaningful formats or features that can be used for data modelling, which is the next stage. In this stage, predictive models or analytical solutions are built using statistical methods or by training machine learning algorithms. In this stage of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence is used extensively nowadays to generate deep learning models. The key findings from this stage are then communicated to the relevant stakeholders via dashboards for business insights and decision making. By leveraging the latest cloud technologies, we help small and medium enterprises to:

Modernize their legacy data estates

Process huge volumes of data efficiently

Analyze the data to glean deep business insights

Visualize the analyzed data with smart dashboards and tools

Leverage AI and ML tools to develop advanced cognitive solutions

The modern data, analytics and AI solutions deliver rich functionalities and scalability to aid in the business objective of digital transformation. We help protect your investment in custom applications and software by transitioning to modern back-end technology platforms. We also support the modern data platforms with our 24×7 monitoring and management services to resolve issues and ensure zero disruption to the production environment.

Xencia’s Cloud Deployment Model

Infrastructure Setup

  • Environment Discovery
  • Asset Inventory & Software Licenses
  • Application & Server Dependency Mapping
  • Usage Reports

Development Services

  • Analysis and Design of Data/AI Solution
  • Prototype Development
  • End to End Solution Development
  • Data Modernization
  • Data and AI CoE Setup

Managed Services

  • Continuous Monitoring and Optimisation
  • Issue Fixes and Support
  • Support for Availability & Security
  • Change Requests Support
  • Managing Scalability