Cloud Operations

Cloud Managed Services to Optimize Cloud Spend

Enterprises today are moving rapidly to the cloud with the objective of reaping the benefits that the cloud delivers. Post-migration though, it is critical that you manage the cloud environment efficiently to leverage its advantages. Benefits like better resource utilisation, cloud cost management, improved quality of services, compliance requirements, cloud service management and enhanced customer experience can be only leveraged when cloud operations are managed properly. Ill-planned operations and disparate cloud initiatives hinder the overall productivity of cloud applications. It is, therefore, crucial to streamline cloud operations and develop proper standards.

Xencia’s cloud consultants and experts make sure that your cloud service management remains free from all sorts of challenges and issues. With our comprehensive Managed Cloud Services, we ensure continuous improvement of your cloud ecosystem, optimized cloud cost management and cloud resource utilization.

We perform continuous deployment, change management, security, governance and performance optimization on an ongoing basis. Our unique delivery model eliminates multiple processes and execution silos improve service delivery performance through seamless operational processes and reduces IT costs through productivity improvement measures. Our cloud optimization services help improves the agility of business functions, reduce the total cost of ownership, enhance tooling and automation, and augment your overall IT capacity management.

Cloud Management Framework

download success story
download success story

Cloud Managed Services Value Proposition

More than 40% savings on cloud operations

Efficient management of the cloud instances, network, security and storage

Committed to driving continual improvement and outcomes

Expert management of the database platforms and integrated services

Cloud Managed Services Key Capabilities

Improve efficiency and minimize the risk of disruption

Deliver the speed and quality that users expect and demand

Reduce the cost of delivering cloud services and justify your investments

Cloud Migration

Cloud Service Management Deliverables and Enablers

  • 24×7 Cloud monitoring
  • Automated cloud operations
  • Flexible service windows and SLAs
  • Application management in the cloud
  • Performance monitoring and tuning
  • Capacity management
  • User and security administration
  • Reporting and dashboard
  • Cloud operations and management (COM) framework

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