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DevOps Services Company Unifying Development and Operations

DevOps is the union of People, Process and Products to enable continuous delivery of value to end-users

Time to market of key applications, solutions or products is hampered by confusion between development and operations teams. The teams often work in silos and there is no proper handshake or handover between the two departments. Blame games are the norm. This usually hampers business agility and ability of businesses to capture key moments. DevOps is all about collaboration between the development and operations team throughout the application lifecycle starting with planning, development, testing, roll out and support. There are various tools and automated processes now available to implement DevOps services in Azure. Cloud has only helped accelerate the DevOps adoption. Companies, however, grapple with the implementation of DevOps services and solutions in their environment and this is where a DevOps service provider with DevOps best practices steps in.

DevOps Services Model

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  • Responsibilities
  • Management
  • Skill development etc.


  • Definition and design
  • Compliance
  • Continuous Improvement


  • Tools
  • Infrastructure
  • Services

DevOps Services Provider Key Capabilities

Improve experimentation and accelerate deployment

Optimize resources and make processes more resilient

Reduce the cost of developing and deploying applications

Xencia Azure DevOps Services


  • Helping companies adopt DevOps best practices
  • Implementation of Build & Release Pipelines


  • Deployment to Azure and other cloud providers
  • Deployment to Physical Machines/VMs/ Scale Sets/PaaS Services/Containers


  • Integration of automated testing with build pipelines
  • Integration with external code quality/profiling services


  • Migration from GitHub/GitLab/ BitBucket to Azure repository
  • Migration from Jenkins and other CI/CD tools to Azure pipeline


  • Training on Azure DevOps
  • Are you able to keep track of development planning, requirements and progress effectively?
  • Are you able to coordinate your development effort as a team ?
  • Are you able to integrate the code contributions of each developer automatically into the master body of code effectively?
  • Are you able to provide provision for code reviews ?
  • Are you able to provide the latest code to QA teams with the least possible delay?
  • Are you able to do automated code quality checks?
  • Are you able to manage quick and error free release cycles?
  • Are you able to store builds and libraries in a version-controlled manner?
  • Are all your developers able to make use of the libraries?

Software Development Lifecycle Challenges Checklist

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