Xencia helps enterprises tap into powerful enterprise solutions, like the Microsoft Suite, and leverage them to their full advantage. We stay focused on what’s specifically required, and deliver high returns without padding up technology costs.

Enterprise Challenges

  • Dated platforms versions with limited features
  • Compatibility issues of legacy platforms
  • Time-consuming features of existing systems
  • Too many customizations needed for modern requirements
  • Non-compliance with new standards and regulations
How Xencia Helps


Leverage, Cloud Solutions Provider, Managed Cloud Services | Xencia
⦁ Power Apps
Leverage, Cloud Solutions Provider, Managed Cloud Services | Xencia
⦁ AD
Leverage, Cloud Solutions Provider, Managed Cloud Services | Xencia
⦁ Teams
Leverage, Cloud Solutions Provider, Managed Cloud Services | Xencia
⦁ Xencia’s BWA
Leverage, Cloud Solutions Provider, Managed Cloud Services | Xencia
⦁ SharePoint
Leverage, Cloud Solutions Provider, Managed Cloud Services | Xencia
⦁ Power Automate
Leverage, Cloud Solutions Provider, Managed Cloud Services | Xencia
⦁ Power BI Pro and Embedded
Leverage, Cloud Solutions Provider, Managed Cloud Services | Xencia
⦁ Bespoke portal development
Leverage, Cloud Solutions Provider, Managed Cloud Services | Xencia
⦁ Open Source Tools
Leverage, Cloud Solutions Provider, Managed Cloud Services | Xencia
⦁ Office Product to SQL


From improving operational efficiency, quality and consistency, increasing customer and employee satisfaction to saving time and cost, we ensure that automation helps reshape the way you do business. Xencia leverages tools like the Microsoft Power Platform to automate and simplify business processes such as data extraction, workflow, RPA, analytics, and more. We offer integrations with Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, and other standalone applications so that both business users and developers/IT/admins can benefit from automation.


  • Automation of labelling invoices
  • Web Scrapping
  • Teams Chatbots
  • Automation of billing process
  • ChatBots
  • Power Automate Cloud
  • Power Apps (AI Builder)
  • Selenium
  • Power Automate Desktop
  • Power Virtual Agent


Partner with Xencia to customize and tailor the extensible SharePoint platform to meet the needs of your business. From implementing your SharePoint platform, performing upgrades and migrations, our experts will manage everything for your application environment. We take into account your business processes and workflows, application architecture and development, user experience and adoption, maintenance, and analytics.
  • Consulting
  • Development
  • Migration
  • Integration
  • Managed Services
  • Support

  • SPFx
  • PowerApps
  • Power Automate
  • Web technologies (HTML, CSS, JS)

  • Single platform for multiple needs
  • Flexible for all requirements
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Integration with multiple services
  • Robust security
  • Cost savings

Document Management

Xencia helps you store, collaborate, and share all your documents around different platforms no matter where your teams might be located. From information architecture and security and permissions management to document history and team collaboration,
we got you covered. We apply a whole package of tools including the Microsoft Suite to build a document management solution that meets your needs.

  • Cloud storage for easy access
  • Better collaboration with co-authoring
  • Easy document search with SharePoint
  • Classification and labelling of documents for better security
  • Better data retention
  • Timely alerts and reminders for expiring documents
  • Legal Document Management
  • Contract Document Management
  • Policy/HR Document Management
  • Project Document management

Portals and Collaboration

We leverage a multitude of tools such as Power Platform, Office 365, SharePoint, and others to drive workplace collaboration along with the seamless management of enterprise data, the simplification of everyday business processes, and continuous and seamless communication.
  • Document Management portal
  • Customer Management Portal
  • Partner Portal
  • Learning Portal
  • Community Portal
  • One stop shop for all information
  • Authorized sharing of partner information
  • Easy collaboration with external parties via Azure AD B2C authentication
  • Better collaboration with internal teams
  • Enhanced corporate communication and
    employee engagement

Workflow and Rapid Application Development

Take advantage of low code/no code tools to accelerate application development and launch high quality apps ahead of competition. Xencia’s experts work with you to understand your requirements and how Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate can be used to streamline that process for a more timely and cost-efficient business flow. You can take full advantage of the multitude of easy customizations provided by Power Apps. We connect workflows to hundreds of data sources using multiple tools, bringing your data together for a single source of truth while you uncover insights as well as customize and extend Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure capabilities.



Power Virtual Agent


  • AI Builder
  • Model Driven Apps
  • Canvas Apps

Power Pages

Power Automate

  • Cloud Flow
  • Desktop Flow
  • Low code and no code platform for quick app development
  • Easy tool maintenance and enhancement Access data across devices (iOS, Android, Mac and Windows)
  • Offline data storage for mobile devices with Microsoft PowerApps
  • Low technology costs
  • Design for multiple devices/ screens

To know more about Microsoft Power Apps, please click here


It’s important to be able to easily access all data related to your organization whenever and wherever you need it, especially with customers, vendors, and employees spread all over the globe. You should also be able to view this data in a format that offers business insights you can apply. We help you apply tools like Power BI and Office 365 to bring together disparate data sets into reporting dashboards to ensure that your employees can access information they need in real-time.


  • Power BI Pro
  • Power BI Embedded


  • No need of external tools to visualize data
  • Powerful query language to analyze data
  • Connectivity to multiple data sources
  • Real-time data from many Microsoft supported data sources
  • Alerts and notifications from the report

To Know more about Microsoft Power Apps, please click here


When organizations merge or when one company acquires another, it is imperative that systems need to be integrated for the employees of the new organization to seamlessly collaborate with the employees of the parent organization. All the systems starting with the Active Directory needs to be integrated and the domain needs to be transferred. This involves integration of the communication, collaboration, HR, finance, and sales tools as well as migration of data. We help you seamlessly and quickly migrate and integrate systems from third party providers to a Microsoft ecosystem or in several cases migrate data from one Microsoft system to another to ensure that the employees of both the entities can collaborate effectively and productivity loss is minimized.


  • Active Directory (Azure/On Premise)
  • Data on cloud or on-premise
  • HRMS Systems
  • SAP/CRM Systems
  • Custom apps with Microsoft Apps
  • Third-party products
  • Microsoft products


  • Platform integration helps seamless flow of data to different interfaces
  • Single source of truth
  • Replication of data to multiple platforms
  • Reduced maintenance effort and cost
  • Enhance the collaboration of the custom application
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