Xencia CARE Solutions

Cloud Native Managed Security Operations Centre Solution

Cyber Security Operations Centre is a combination of people, processes and technology protecting the IT systems of an organization with 24×7 monitoring of systems and alerts, detection of threats and minimizing damage from such threats, internal or external. The ability to identify and respond to issues with agility is the key mandate of the SOC. Setting up one is an expensive proposition with substantial investments in tools, technologies and skilled resources. Organizations typically outsource various aspects of SOC operations to minimize costs and leverage better skills. Whatever be the model, in-house or outsourced, SOC operations throw up innumerable challenges and are difficult to manage.

Traditional SOC Challenges

Xencia CARE Solution

High volume of alerts

Xencia CARE Solution

Lack of workflows and automation

Xencia CARE Solution

Disconnected solutions and tools

Xencia CARE Solution

High sophistication of threats

Xencia CARE Solution

Lack or shortage of security skills

Xencia CARE Solution

Rising costs of security solutions and infrastructure

Xencia CARE Solution

SOC mission not clearly defined

Xencia CARE Solution

Rising costs of security solutions and infrastructure

Xencia CARE Solution

SOC mission not clearly defined

Xencia CARE Solution powered by Azure Security

Managed SOC built on Azure Sentinel’s advanced AI & ML for intelligent security analytics

Xencia CARE (Cyber Analytics and Response Engine) is a Managed SOC solution built on Azure Sentinel’s advanced AI and ML platform. The solution provides a single pane of glass view and makes it easy to collect security data from your entire hybrid IT infrastructure (devices, users, apps, servers and any cloud). Our cloud security solution uses the power of artificial intelligence to identify real threats quickly and helps defend from attacks quickly by leveraging our automation playbooks and workflows. There are no upfront costs and no need to setup, maintain or scale any infrastructure. It is cloud native, offering all the cloud benefits of scale and speed. You will only pay for what you use, and what’s more, it offers free Microsoft 365 data ingestion.
Xencia CARE Solution

Xencia Managed SOC Solution Highlights

  • Cloud-native security information and event manager (SIEM) platform that uses built-in AI to help analyze large volumes of data across the organization
  • Single visualization tool for threat detection, investigation and response
  • Includes over 250 automation models and workflows to cater to business needs across enterprise verticals
  • Taps into Microsoft’s security community to enhance detections, threat intelligence, and response automation
  • Aggregates data from all sources, including users, applications, servers, and devices running on-premises or in any cloud
  • Includes built-in connectors for easy onboarding of popular security solution
  • Collects data from any source with support for open standard formats like CEF and Syslog
  • ML models based on decades of Microsoft security experience and learnings
  • Millions of signals filtered to few correlated and prioritized incidents in a few seconds
  • Helps hunt for suspicious activities using pre-built queries and Azure Notebooks
  • Helps build automated and scalable playbooks that integrate across tools

Xencia Managed SOC Services

CARE provides end-to-end cybersecurity solutions to truly modernize your SOC, so that you can get the best out of your security investments, and improve your people, process and technology resilience. We offer additional services to customize the solution to adhere to your business and security posture needs.

Comprehensive Offering

Security assessment and recommendations, threat detection, investigation and response service from our or your tenant Microsoft Sentinel console

Managed Services

Threat experts monitor customer digital estate 24×7 for alerts, investigating on incidents, creating and improving automated remediation services


We enable our customers with the solution integration and playbooks to collect signals from heterogenous endpoints, users, applications, hybrid infrastructure and multi-cloud

Threat Detection

We enable our customers to detect cyber threats and reduce false positives using custom analytics and threat intelligence.

Custom Dashboard

We build custom dashboards for our customers to visualize the threat landscape across the enterprise

Threat Investigation

We enable custom analytics and threat intel to speed up investigation with AI and threat hunting for malicious activities

Threat Response

We deploy remediation services custom developed using logic controls that automates common tasks and quickly defends customer business and assets

Xencia Security Assessment Framework

Managed SOC Assessment

Questionnaire Assessment

  • Understand landscape
  • Categories
  • Inventory (Deployment Architecture

MSOC Exploratory

  • Enable Trial Subscription for Azure Sentinel
  • Ingest free sources and configure free analytical rules
  • Showcase customer’ security landscape

Trial Evaluation

  • Conduct threat analysis in the customer environment using Azure Sentinel
  • Conduct the Threat Check analysis in the customer’s environment
  • Deliver Microsoft Security value, preferably using product demos
  • Provide recommendations and next steps
Xencia CARE Solution

Xencia Cloud Security Solution Value Proposition

  • Bring your Office 365 Data for free
  • Predictable billing with capacity reservations
  • Flexible model, no annual commitments
  • No infrastructure setup or maintenance
  • Scale automatically put no limits to compute or storage resources
  • Pre-built playbooks, rules and automation scripts
  • Easy integration with your existing tools
  • Faster threat protection with AI by your side
  • Aggregate all security data with built-in connectors
  • Visualization of your security posture through customizable dashboards
  • Faster time to deployment compared to legacy SIEMs
  • Reduced costs compared to legacy SIEMs
  • Significant decrease in false positives
  • Vast reduction in investigation effort compared to legacy SIEMs
  • Supports all standard log formats with more than 10 PB of daily ingestion
  • Efficient and cost effective Managed SOC operations

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