Migrate what you want,
when you want.

Move channels, lists, conversations, files, documents, emails, notes, members, permissions, subteams, and more with Xencia’s Migration Services. We offer you a robust and structured approach for migrating data between the Microsoft Suite and any other platform. Move seamlessly, quickly, and with no risk or downtime.

Enterprise Challenges

  • Inflexibility and lack of innovation due to legacy systems
  • High costs of using and maintaining legacy platforms
  • Loss of business due to loss of productivity
  • Security concerns caused by deficient security tools
  • Compatibility issues with modern applications

Migration Process

  • Analysis of current systems
  • Roadmap creation
  • Technology mapping
  • Pilot/ proof-of-concept
  • Migration planning & budgeting
  • Approval
  • Complete migration
  • Validation & training
  • Support
  • Managed services

How Xencia Helps

  • Cloud Drive Migration
  • Documents Migration
  • Contact and Distribution
    Lists Migration
  • Calendars and Events
  • Groups with Email Enabled
  • Shared Mailbox
  • Google Forms
  • SharePoint

Migration Services

Cloud Migration

If you are planning to migrate your data to or from any Microsoft platform, Xencia can help you by planning and executing an optimized and smooth migration without risks and disruptions. We undertake the complete end-to-end migration process providing support at every stage. Our team consists of migration engineers as well as cloud experts skilled in developing a comprehensive migration strategy that works for you.

Workflow Applications

Our workflow application migration process ensures a quick turnaround with minimal downtime. Our skilled and experienced engineers in Microsoft Office 365 consulting, implementation, and migrations, assess your requirements to plan a tailored migration and select the appropriate methodologies and tools. We promise you a quick and hassle-free migration with no data loss.

Document Management System

Move your documents to Microsoft Office 365 or SharePoint and take advantage of their extraordinary functionalities. As certified Microsoft partners with extensive technical expertise, we’re the best choice to help you consolidate your data estate inside Microsoft. We’ll work with you to plan a secure, compliant and strategic migration from your existing DMS into Microsoft.
Xencia ensures a smooth and risk-free Microsoft Form migration keeping user data intact from one tenant to another tenant. You can move all your data, from permissions and responses to settings, securely and easily in just a few steps.
Easily migrate your portal configuration between environments, without having to invest in multiple third-party tools.

Migration Sources

Mail Migration

  • Third-party migration tools
  • Hybrid migration

Cloud-drive Migration

  • Google Drive
  • DropBox
  • Box
  • OneDrive
  • Amazon Drive

Documents Migration

  • File share
  • SharePoint
  • Shared Drive
  • Lotus Notes Document DB
    & Document Library