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Every 00:14 seconds a business falls victim to a ransomware attack

Endpoint security solutions cannot detect or thwart all the ransomware attacks. If you take backups and try to restore data after a ransomware attack, you will realize that, it is too cumbersome and time consuming. What’s more, the backups are also targeted and encrypted in a ransomware attack. Cloud drives can’t help in stopping ransomware attacks and there is an extra effort required to reconfigure cloud drives after an attack.

75% of ransomware victims had up-to-date endpoint protection

So, is it possible to recover data without backup after an attack?

Now, it is. With Neushield.

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Neushield – Anti-ransomware Solution

Neushield’s patent-pending technology “Mirror Shielding” helps you retrieve lost data instantly. Neushield is an anti-ransomware solution that helps recover quickly from zero-day attacks.

NeuShield Data Sentinel creates a protective shield between your files and applications. When ransomware or other applications make changes, the original files stay intact allowing users to revert any unwanted change that has been made.

While other products create backup copies of your files which, can dramatically increase disk usage and cause a significant performance overhead, NeuShield’s revolutionary Mirror Shielding™ technology can preserve the original file without requiring a backup, which allows Data Sentinel to protect files with virtually no additional disk activity (I/O).

Neushield Data Sentinel Features

Mirror Shielding

One-click Restore

File Lockdown

Cloud Drive Protection

Boot Protection

Disk Wipe Protection

Cloud Management

File revisions using Data Engrams™

Custom Folder Protection

NeuShield Data Sentinel allows you to shield and protect your data from malware or human error. It provides IT staff the perfect tool to ensure all their users are fully protected against threats that could impact their business. Deployment, management and recovery can all be administered from a single multi-tenant cloud-based management console to provide customers with zero downtime.

Attack from Within

Attack from Within

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How does Mirror Shielding work?

How does Mirror Shielding work?

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One-click Restore, Next-gen Recovery

One-click Restore, Next-gen Recovery

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If your business is time sensitive and cannot afford downtime, NeuShield is the essential layer of protection your business needs today.
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