Power Apps

Build incredible and high-quality
apps rapidly with Microsoft
Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps enables your organization to quickly turn new ideas into powerful apps and connectors, as well as a data platform that provides a rapid development environment to build custom apps for your business needs.

Enterprise Challenges
  • Hard-to-manage humongous codebases
  • Delayed go-to-market due to slow development
  • Painstaking to build customized apps
  • Dependence on specialized app development skills
  • Cumbersome processes and poor collaboration
Xencia leverages Power Apps to help you quickly build custom business apps that connect to your data stored in cloud or on-premise locations.
Xencia has helped big businesses reap the benefits of the Microsoft Power Apps platform. With deep Power Apps expertise, we ensure best-in-class solutions to your business problems.

The Xencia and Power Apps Advantage

No Code
Rapidly create a usable version of the app to solve business challenges with low/no-code, at an affordable price.
Rapidly create a usable version of the app to solve business challenges with low/no-code, at an affordable price.
Cross-Functional Experience
Create apps that are responsive and can seamlessly operate on any browser, mobile device, or desktop.
Data Connectors and Extensions
Enable interaction with data and meta data, apply business logic, create custom connectors, or pick from over 275 built-in data connectors, and integrate with external data.
Share Your App
Run the apps and share them with other users so they can use the app in their browser, phone, or laptop.
Common Data Service (CDS)
Power Apps uses the CDS to store and secure data which enables app development directly against the business data without any custom integrations.
Office 365 Integration
Power Apps is also integrated with Microsoft Office 365. We can use the data in your SharePoint or in Excel spreadsheet and update it across the different applications in real time. This means you can always rely on the data, as it is always up to date and available when we need it.
Incredibly Rapid Development
Using Power Apps we can develop useful and meaningful apps that are functional and serve their purpose very fast. Power Apps has drag and drop capabilities allowing you to add buttons, images, data tables, text, data connectors, and labels rapidly.