Application Modernization

Transform Your Legacy Apps with App Modernization Services

Legacy applications support several business-critical functions within the enterprise application landscape, but they come with a high cost of ownership and maintenance and include risks such as running on potentially unsupported systems, inflexible and closed architectures, error-ridden web-enablement and integration with new platforms, high SLA resolution time/non-closure of issues, and a scarce talent pool. Moreover, with digital technologies gaining traction to improve business competitiveness & innovation, application modernization and database migration has become a necessity. The scope spans mainframe application modernization to advanced data migration, database modernization and Azure application modernization.

Infrastructure & Application Migration to Cloud Methodology

Database Migration to Cloud

Right Size VMs tuned for exceptional performance

Migrating databases to Database-asa- Service

High availability implementation using clustering, mirroring, AAG

Optimized storage configurations for better IOPS, Latency and Throughput

Automated backups and point in time restore

IOPS, Latency and Throughput assessment

Data Replication across regions for Disaster Recovery

Enterprise grade security and compliance

Automated tools for database monitoring and performance

Data Modernization Benefits

CAPEX and OPEX reduction by 30%

4x faster time to market and 99.99% environment availability

Based on microservices, APIs, reusable components, and containerizatio

Improve flexibility, reduce disruption, mitigate risks

Xencia’s Key Cloud Migration Capabilities

Experience In multiple business domains
Created by business people for business people
Skilled team of dedicated IT professionals
Designed with the needs of typical businesses

Cloud Application Migration Value Proposition

Xencia’s Application Modernisation Services help organizations transform legacy applications to newer technologies and architecture to deliver better results and business benefits. By leveraging the latest technology, we help small and medium enterprises move individual legacy applications or entire legacy application portfolios to modern platforms that deliver rich functionality and flexibility. We take a strategic approach to mitigate project and operational risks. We help enterprises address issues like multiple technology platforms, high maintenance costs, unsupported systems, shrinking employee expertise, and lack of integration. We help protect your investment in custom application and software by transitioning to modern technology platforms, practices, and models while reducing any technology, design and roadmap risks.