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Cloud and Enterprise IT Security Services

As more and more technologies and things get connected, courtesy cloud, the threat of cyber-attacks increases. Over the last few years, there have been very notable cyber-attacks and breaches that have cost organizations several million dollars in damages. Though there are multiple security solutions available, cloud security continues to be a major concern. Enterprises are apprehensive about digital technology significantly increasing enterprise vulnerabilities. The two types of common responses have been either ignore the problem till it surfaces or invests in multiple security solutions in silos to prepare a robust defense. However, both these approaches don’t necessarily solve the problem, but further, exacerbate the issue.


An enterprise’s security can be compromised at various points – end-users or endpoints, including laptops, desktops and mobile devices; backend infrastructure, be it on cloud or physical infrastructure in data centers; email, communication and collaboration systems that are the lifeline of any company; or security policy and procedures implementation or adherence across all systems and staff, which is compliance-related. As zero-day attacks have intensified, the probability of an organization’s security posture getting compromised has increased significantly. Organizations need to implement security policies and systems at every intersection of staff and technology.


Keeping this in mind, Microsoft has introduced security solutions across all the enterprise technologies. Below is Microsoft’s portfolio of security solutions.

Enterprise Mobility & Security

Windows 10



Xencia Security Services and Solutions

Xencia, a leading Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, has a proven portfolio of security offerings that address an organization’s need for a heightened security posture to protect against unwarranted threats and attacks.

Xencia Security Services Portfolio

Assess and Explore

  • Existing Security Posture
  • Questionnaire and Tool based
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Define and Design

  • IT Security Architecture
  • Cloud Security Architecture

Implement Proof of Concept (POC) or Pilot

Implement Microsoft Security Solutions

Managed SOC Services

Implement Microsoft Security Solutions

Managed SOC Services

Xencia CARE Solution

Our CARE solution is a Managed SOC service built on Azure Sentinel. It makes it easy to collect security data from your entire hybrid IT infrastructure (devices, users, apps, servers and any cloud). Our cloud security solution uses the power of artificial intelligence to identify real threats quickly and helps defend from attacks quickly by leveraging our automation playbooks and workflows. There are no upfront costs and no need to set up, maintain or scale any infrastructure. It is cloud-native, offering all the cloud benefits of scale and speed. You will only pay for what you use, and what’s more, it offers free Microsoft 365 data ingestion.

Azure Cloud Security Overview

Why Xencia

  • Cloud-native comprehensive next-gen solution provider
  • Microsoft Advantage – Leading Microsoft partner
  • Proven information security services capabilities
  • Efficient managed security services operations
  • Reduced security operations cost with cost-effective services and flexible commercial models