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Public Cloud for Business Process Automation

Leveraging Public Cloud for Business Process Automation

Your most valuable asset is your time. But how much of it are you able to devote to growing your business and meeting customer demands? Do you find yourself spending too much time that is repetitive and time-consuming? Workflow automation or business process automation is a critical business need to ensure your employees do not waste time on repetitive and mundane tasks. Workflow automation can help digitize your administrative processes and empower your employees to be more productive.

Xencia’s Business Workflow Automation solution accelerators help roll out multiple workflow management solutions that your employees need for their routine tasks by making use of the powerful SharePoint platform in the Office 365 portfolio. We help free your resources so you can focus on business knowing that you are in good hands. Xencia has built these solution accelerators on the cloud so that you can subscribe to them on a pay-as-you-go basis. These accelerators are charged on a per-user per-month pricing model enabling you to turn on and turn off the tap based on your employee headcount. No more investing in perennial licensing where you are stuck with sunk costs!

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