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Companies are migrating their email and collaboration systems to the cloud to leverage the subscription model benefits. However, the move to a cloud solution set-up comes with its own challenges. Managing license usage and backend administration tasks to ensure optimal use of the cloud email solution is a cumbersome activity. If you are burdened with managing multiple locations and users within a single Microsoft 365 tenant or are troubled with inefficiencies in managing the licenses, then Xencia’s Managed M365 (XMO) tool is meant just for you. Get more out of your Office 365 cloud investment.

XMO allows you to delegate the user management and license management to your localized administrators and ease the strain on your central IT team. You can segregate and subdivide administration by multiple unit types such as business unit, country or location. Once the units are defined, you can allot prefixed subscription licenses from your M365 pool and assign a local administrator for the unit. This is just the tip of the iceberg. You unravel more value, features and functionalities, as you discover the solution. Don’t take our word for it, request for a demo. Reach out today!

Office 365 Management Model

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